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Date Archives: June 2018

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Atlanta Celebrates July 4
Atlanta is an exciting all American town. It's a hub for major corporations, sporting events, media, and everyday fun. If you crave a quieter lifestyle, small towns and communities nearby offer the calming culture you prefer. If you plan to tour Atlanta homes for sale, summer is the perfect season. When you time your visit just right, you can connect with Atlanta communities as they celebrate Independence Day.

Our real estate agents enjoy life in Atlanta. We believe you'll appreciate it too when you get to know the people and the communities at our favorite Independence Day Celebrations.

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Atlanta Skyview Ferris Wheel
Discover your new Atlanta neighborhood with a a bird's-eye view of the city from atop the Skyview Ferris Wheel.   If you're in town checking out Atlanta homes for saleour REALTORS® are certain you'll love Atlanta and the Skyview Ferris Wheel.  Towering almost 20 stories above the city in Centennial Park, it is the perfect way to see the city you're about to make your home. Here are the details to help you plan your visit. 

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Newnan GA City of Homes
In the heart of downtown Newnan, Georgia, atop the Carnegie Library building, you'll find a bright sign declaring that Newnan is the City of Homes. The historic city of Newnan, with six historic districts on that National Register of Historic Places, is filled with beautiful, historic homes and buildings that come from eras across the centuries. Newnan was once known as one of the wealthiest cities in the country, and the homes here are a great example of the city's long, vibrant history. Our real estate agents have the inside scoop on where to find the best historic homes to explore in Newnan, GA.

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Selling Your Home and Buy Another
Are You a Move-Up Buyer? What You Need to Know

You may recall a sense of relief as your first-time home-buying strategies brought you success. Moving up to a second home requires you to navigate a new set of challenges. As you make the rounds of Atlanta homes for sale, you must update your home-buying strategy to avoid personal and financial disruption.

Our real estate agents have helped many Atlanta families sell their current home and buy another. We can explain your options, but ultimately, you must make the choice that's right for you.

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