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Date Archives: October 2021

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Homeowners Insurance - Buy a Home - JYB Realty

Our real estate agents at Josey Young & Brady Realty field all kinds of questions from new homeowners and those still exploring Atlanta homes for sale. One subject that comes up with increasing frequency has to do with insurance.

With all the confusion around other kinds of insurance products, like health insurance and car insurance, it's no surprise people wonder about homeowners insurance. Is it all it's cracked up to be? Or will they find themselves denied coverage when they need it most?

This is particularly important as more homes face intense weather.

Most lenders will not finance a home unless standard homeowners insurance is maintained. In theory, it helps you repair or replace your home and some of the things within it if a disaster strikes. That said, there are two caveats you need to know.

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Investigate Fossils Around Atlanta - JYB Realty

Fossils provide a unique window into what the world was like so long ago and inspire the imagination of people of all ages. Whether you're already a fossil fanatic or you're interested in discovering more about these unique specimens, Atlanta has a variety of museums where you can learn more about fossils. Our real estate agents have all of the info you need to explore fossils around Atlanta.

  • Fernbank Natural History Museum – 767 Clifton Rd., Atlanta, GA 30307
    For fossil explorations close to Atlanta homes for sale, it's tough to top the experience at the Fernbank Natural History Museum. The museum is home to countless exhibits on the natural history of Georgia and points far beyond, including an excellent collection of fossils. The Giants of the Mesozoic exhibit is where you'll find many of the best fossils, and the Antarctic Dinosaurs exhibit is also open.

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Adjusting to a New Neighborhood - JYB Realty

Moving can be as disruptive an experience for kids as it is for adults, especially if they're too young to understand why. Older kids also find the transition stressful since they'll be giving up their home, familiar places, friends, and school for new ones. Even when moving into a home as lovely and serene as these Atlanta homes for sale, navigating a big change such as moving has its difficulties.

Kids don't adapt as quickly as adults to change. But there are several ways you can help your kids adjust to a new neighborhood.

  1. Talk about what's happening
    The best way to counter moving anxiety is to talk to your kids before the move. Explain where you're moving to and why. How detailed the explanation will depend on how verbal they are. For toddlers and preschoolers, you can use toy trucks and furniture to act out and explain the move.

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Moving to Peachtree City - JYB Realty

Do the unprecedented events of the last 18 months have you longing for a more peaceful, family-oriented place to call home? You're not alone. Our real estate agents share the compelling reasons that led to name Peachtree City as one of the top 11 family-friendly suburbs in the country.

Peachtree City by the Numbers

  • Peachtree City enjoys a robust job market. At a rate of 2%, unemployment is nearly nonexistent and only one-third of the national rate of 6%. In addition, the job market has increased 2.9% over the last year and is projected to grow by 44.1% over the next 10 years, compared to the national estimate of 33.5%.

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