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Date Archives: November 2020

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Condo or House - Buy a Home - JYB Realty

Deciding whether to purchase a house or a condo can be a tough decision. There are unique benefits to both options - and the best choice ultimately depends on your preference, budget, and where you are in your life. To help you make an informed decision, our real estate agents outlined several advantages of owning a house and a condo.

Three Benefits of Purchasing a Condo

  • They're Often Less Expensive
    When all else is equal (market, size, etc.), condos tend to be your cheaper option. If you have a smaller budget, condos will allow you to get by with a smaller down payment and a smaller mortgage payment. However, keep in mind that some condos often have Homeowners Association (HOA) fees ranging anywhere from $100 a month to well over $1,000 per month.

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Homeownership in Retirement - JYB Realty

For most people, your home is one of your greatest resources in retirement, both as a place to live and an important financial asset. It should also be an important part of your retirement planning when you're preparing for the future. There are a variety of ways that you can gain equity from your property as a homeowner, while not owning a home can come with significant costs and financial uncertainty during retirement. Planning to retire soon? Our real estate agents have some important factors for you to consider how your home will factor into your retirement.

  • Will You Be Carrying a Mortgage?
    Owning your home free and clear of mortgage payments is an ideal situation for retirement. There are significant tax benefits, and, of course, you won't have to worry about monthly mortgage payments. If you do have a mortgage that makes balancing your retirement budget complicated, then downsizing to a new, more affordable home can make life easier.

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Wine Tasting - Atlanta - JYB Realty

Wine tastings offer not only a way to find favorite new wines but also a fun thing to do with friends. Just one more reason why living in Atlanta is the best: Check out these wineries and wine tasting rooms, where you can either learn how to taste wine properly or put your well-honed nose to the test. And while you're in town, check out Atlanta homes for sale, and find your next great home with the perfect compromise between suburb and city.


Art Museums - Atlanta - JYB Realty

The ATL is full of ART, and National Go to an Art Museum Day is the perfect day to visit the many art museums of Georgia's capital city. Atlanta has no shortage of art museums, and each of these colorful facilities illustrates the diverse cultures that call the city home. Our real estate agents encourage you to celebrate National Go to an Art Museum Day on November 9th by visiting one of these great Atlanta art museums.

  • High Museum of Art – 1280 Peachtree St. NE, Atlanta, GA 30309
    Once a simple, stately home on Peachtree Street, the High Museum of Art is now one of the leading art museums in the Southeast. Collections include African Art, European Art, Modern & Contemporary Art, Photography, and more. If you're interested in getting more involved during National Go to an Art Museum Day, you can sign up for one of the High Museum of Art's exciting art classes for families, teens, children, and adults.

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