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Atlanta Wine Bars for Moscato - JYB Realty

Moscato is a sweet, white wine known for its notes of peach and citrus. It has been enjoyed as a dessert wine for years but has recently gained popularity as a casual, summer drinking wine. If you enjoy Moscato, then of course you have to celebrate National Moscato Day on May 9th! Here are some of the top Atlanta wine bars our real estate agents recommend visiting for a glass. 

  • Storico Vino: 3065 Peachtree Rd. NE, STE B210, Atlanta, GA 30305
    Storico Vino is a classic Italian restaurant with a lovely wine bar in Buckhead Village. You can order a glass of Moscato and enjoy it either at the bar or on the outdoor patio.

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Cooking Classes - Atlanta, GA - JYB Realty

Whether you're a dedicated home chef who's always looking to add new skills to your repertoire or simply searching for fun, fresh date night ideas, the many cooking classes around Atlanta offer something for you. In addition to local businesses that focus specifically on cooking classes, you will also find great cooking classes at some of your favorite farmer's markets, kitchen shops, and restaurants. Our real estate agents have the delectable details on 6 of the best places for cooking classes around Atlanta.

  1. Cook's Warehouse Cooking School – 1544 Piedmont Ave., Ste. 403-R, Atlanta, GA 30342
    One of the best places to shop for cooking supplies near Atlanta homes for sale also hosts some of the most popular cooking classes in the city. The Cook's Warehouse Cooking School offers in-person and virtual cooking classes on a diverse range of culinary topics. With classes on everything from sushi to French classics and more than a dozen chefs offering classes, you're sure to find something to love here.

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Patio Plants - Homeowners - JYB Realty

Patios offer stellar opportunities to add beautiful comfort to your outdoor living space, our real estate agents would like to share some ideas with you about how to use these spaces to their very best advantage. 

  • Discover the Versatility of Container Planters
    Just as you can move your furniture to change the look of the inside of your home, you can change the exterior with plants that can be moved. To ease this process, heavier plants should be placed on wheeled platforms. Placement and purpose of the containers can also serve a variety of functions. For example, you can define entryways with tall plants such as juniper or boxwood. Juniper can be easily shaped into column-shaped accents. Foliage and vines can define a wall surrounding your patio but are less mobile.

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Grilled Cheese in Atlanta - JYB Realty

The modern version of the grilled cheese sandwich originated in the 1920s and has become one of our favorite cheesy foods. With gooey, melted cheese between slices of bread grilled to perfection, it's only suitable to dedicate a day to this simple yet delicious comfort food.

Near Atlanta homes for sale, several top-rated eateries are serving grilled cheese sandwiches, where you can experience a mix and match of cheeses, seasonings, and sides and take your celebration to another level. Our real estate agents recommend these locations to help you celebrate National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day April 12.

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Remodeling a Galley Kitchen - JYB Realty

An expansive kitchen is among the top attractions for people looking into Atlanta homes for sale. However, don't discount any house you love just because of a narrow kitchen. With a few remodeling tricks, you can turn a galley kitchen into a sophisticated space that looks wider than it actually is. Our real estate agents have some creative tips to maximize the square footage of a narrow kitchen.

  • Invest in Custom Cabinetry
    Traditional galley designs have upper and lower cabinets on opposite sides for symmetry and storage. If your kitchen has awkward angles, built-in cabinets will help you create something exceptional out of the unusual curves. You may need additional drawers for small appliances and other kitchen items and more shelving in different sections. Use cabinets with clean lines and modest hardware like pull bars or glass-front cabinets to add depth.

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Spend the Day in Brookhaven, GA - JYB Realty

A historic hamlet known for its classic architecture, outstanding local businesses, and welcoming vibe, Brookhaven is located just minutes from downtown Atlanta. Whether you're looking for a new place to settle down or just a fun place to spend a day close to Atlanta, Brookhaven has so much to offer. Our real estate agents have all of the delightful details on how Brookhaven came to be and the experiences you can enjoy when you spend the day there.

  • The History of Brookhaven
    Before it became its own fast-growing city, Brookhaven was actually part of Atlanta's Buckhead neighborhood until 2012. Despite its location a few miles from Atlanta homes for sale, Brookhaven was once a popular place for affluent Atlanta residents to purchase a second home in the early 1900s. Many of those homes and other historic buildings have been preserved, which is why so many people love to experience the architecture of Brookhaven.

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New Puppy - Homeowners - JYB Realty

National Puppy Day is coming up on March 23rd, and of course, it's that time of year: puppy season! Spring litters will soon be everywhere, rescues will be looking for homes, and chances are if you've been considering a dog, this is when the hypothetical discussion is likely to become a reality. If you're in the market for a puppy, consider these tips from our real estate agents for getting your home puppy-proofed first.

  • Keep trouble out of reach. Look around your house. There are probably many items that aren't safe for puppies. You'll need to get all of those moved out of reach of a puppy, which means putting medications and dangerous chemicals in upper cupboards, picking up throw rugs, and moving poisonous plants out of reach.

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Quilting Shops - Atlanta, GA - JYB Realty

National Quilting Day is celebrated on Saturday, March 19 in honor of this colorful and practical ancient art. So whether you're interested in getting started in this hobby or have already completed many beautiful projects, take time to visit an Atlanta quilting shop.

Our real estate agents recommend stopping by the following quilting shops around Atlanta.

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