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Upgrading a Home Office - JYB Realty

If you work from home, it's important to have the proper space to do it in. Maybe you just had your laptop on the kitchen table in your old place, but now, after looking at Atlanta homes for sale, you've finally found a house with space for a real home office. Now comes the task of setting it up and making it your own. Here's how to take your home office to the next level.

  • Ergonomic Chair. If you're sitting at your computer for hours, it's important to have proper support. Extended sitting can lead to back problems, poor posture, and high blood pressure. An ergonomic chair helps eliminate these problems, allowing you to sit straighter and more comfortably. Keeping your neck and back from aching, your feet from falling asleep, and more it's essential for any home office.

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Air Quality Improvements - Homeowners - JYB Realty

Especially if your family has allergy or asthma sufferers, clean air is important. There are plenty of Atlanta homes for sale, but do they have good air circulation? Here are a few ways to improve your home's Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

  • IAQ Test. If you're looking at a house but are concerned about air quality, have it tested. There are DIY kits for this, though a professional will get more complete results. They can tell you how polluted the air is, which specific contaminants are in it, and how to eliminate them.

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Mosquito-Free Outdoor Entertaining - Homeowners - JYB Realty

Entertaining outside is one of the benefits of summer weather, but out-of-control mosquitoes can make an evening spent outside less than pleasant for your guests. Fortunately, there are things you can do to keep those skeeters at bay! Here are a few suggestions from our real estate agents for making your patio party more enjoyable for everyone.

  • Use scents mosquitoes hate.
    Mosquitoes hate certain strong, sharp scents enough that using them liberally can help keep the biting pests away. Citronella is a common scent that people use to ward off mosquitoes and can be burned in candle form or added to tiki torch fuels. Cedar oil is another that mosquitoes and other pests dislike, so you can dilute it with water and spray it on the grass, plants, and outdoor furniture for a fresh scent and a bug-free experience.

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Eco-Friendly Features - Homeowners - JYB Realty

As more people understand the need for sustainable living, homeowners are trying to adopt more eco-friendly practices. Going green not only benefits the environment but also increases your home's value, makes it durable, and helps you save on energy bills. As the government drives to eliminate the use of plastics and push citizens to adopt sustainable lifestyles, our real estate agents put together these six features you can use to go green in your home.

  1. Install a Smart Thermostat
    When the temperature is extremely cold or hot, it's easy to leave the HVAC unit on for longer than you need. The heating and cooling system consumes a significant proportion of energy in your home.

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Music Room - Homeowners - JYB Realty

Whether the musicians in your home are practicing scales for the first time or rehearsing for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, their basic needs in a music room are the same. Our real estate agents have some tips to share to help convert a spare room in your home into the perfect space for them and the people who wish to hear them. 

  • Soundproofing
    If air can pass around doors and windows, so can sound. Cut down the leaks with weather stripping, door sweeps, and soundproofing duct liner around heating and cooling ducts. Like light, sound reflects off of hard surfaces, reverberating repeatedly. Carpeting, rugs, and wall hangings go a long way to dull unwanted echoes and resonance. If the room does double duty, shelves of books and spare beds also absorb sound, as do heavy drapes. While you want the sound to be partially absorbed, you still need to leave some hard surfaces to maintain the natural frequency of the music. Hard floors with luxurious rugs combine the best of both.

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New Puppy - Homeowners - JYB Realty

National Puppy Day is coming up on March 23rd, and of course, it's that time of year: puppy season! Spring litters will soon be everywhere, rescues will be looking for homes, and chances are if you've been considering a dog, this is when the hypothetical discussion is likely to become a reality. If you're in the market for a puppy, consider these tips from our real estate agents for getting your home puppy-proofed first.

  • Keep trouble out of reach. Look around your house. There are probably many items that aren't safe for puppies. You'll need to get all of those moved out of reach of a puppy, which means putting medications and dangerous chemicals in upper cupboards, picking up throw rugs, and moving poisonous plants out of reach.

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Cleaning Overlooked Areas - Homeowners - JYB Realty

Oh, there are definitely spots in your house that need some deep cleaning. Even if you're a neat freak or pretty diligent about home maintenance, they're some areas you may be neglecting.

If you're not properly maintaining your home, the damages will be all too evident come inspection time. Consult our real estate agents to figure out which areas of your house could use some sprucing before putting your home up for sale.

That said, carrying out some chores can help prevent long-term and even expensive damage. Here are five cleaning tasks that don't often make it onto spring cleaning lists.

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Low-Maintenance Houseplants - JYB Realty

Plants transform any living space into a home, in addition to purifying the air and adding a chic aesthetic. Many Atlanta homes for sale feature houseplants to attract buyers who appreciate greenery and eco-friendly spaces.

Most people hesitate to buy plants because they aren't gardening experts. However, there are durable plants that require little maintenance to stay alive. Scroll through the list below to explore some low-maintenance options.

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New Year's Eve at Home - JYB Realty

While many homeowners downplayed New Year's in 2020, this year will probably be bigger for a lot of families. Perhaps that's why Atlanta homes for sale have become such a popular discussion. To help you start 2022 in the best way possible, our real estate agents have compiled a quick list of ways to ring in the new year in your new (or existing) home. 

  1. New Year's Essentials
    You can't start off a New Year's celebration in your new home without some of the essentials. We're talking, of course, about party hats, noisemakers, confetti poppers, and all that jazz. It also wouldn't hurt to pick up some crazy 2022 glasses to pass out to your guests. Go to any party store or most department stores, and you'll find plenty of great selections.

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Adding a Kitchen Island - Homeowners - JYB Realty

Kitchen islands have become a popular addition for homeowners looking to renovate their kitchen design to meet the current trend. Our real estate agents have noticed most homebuyers prefer a kitchen with an island as it helps them enjoy more counter space, storage, and an eating area. Other than these advantages, how can a kitchen island be a game-changer for your home?

  • Ample and Flexible Workspace
    Kitchen spaces tend to be compact and are designed to be enough. However, a lot of activity occurs in the kitchen, and an additional counter can help provide enough flexible working space. It relieves the kitchen of the overburdened and cramped counters.

    Furthermore, you can add extra kitchen amenities like a stovetop on the kitchen island, which can help change the usefulness of your kitchen. An island also makes it easy to accommodate more people in the kitchen without it seeming crowded.

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