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Air Quality Improvements - Homeowners - JYB Realty

Especially if your family has allergy or asthma sufferers, clean air is important. There are plenty of Atlanta homes for sale, but do they have good air circulation? Here are a few ways to improve your home's Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

  • IAQ Test. If you're looking at a house but are concerned about air quality, have it tested. There are DIY kits for this, though a professional will get more complete results. They can tell you how polluted the air is, which specific contaminants are in it, and how to eliminate them.

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Mosquito-Free Outdoor Entertaining - Homeowners - JYB Realty

Entertaining outside is one of the benefits of summer weather, but out-of-control mosquitoes can make an evening spent outside less than pleasant for your guests. Fortunately, there are things you can do to keep those skeeters at bay! Here are a few suggestions from our real estate agents for making your patio party more enjoyable for everyone.

  • Use scents mosquitoes hate.
    Mosquitoes hate certain strong, sharp scents enough that using them liberally can help keep the biting pests away. Citronella is a common scent that people use to ward off mosquitoes and can be burned in candle form or added to tiki torch fuels. Cedar oil is another that mosquitoes and other pests dislike, so you can dilute it with water and spray it on the grass, plants, and outdoor furniture for a fresh scent and a bug-free experience.

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Cleaning Overlooked Areas - Homeowners - JYB Realty

Oh, there are definitely spots in your house that need some deep cleaning. Even if you're a neat freak or pretty diligent about home maintenance, they're some areas you may be neglecting.

If you're not properly maintaining your home, the damages will be all too evident come inspection time. Consult our real estate agents to figure out which areas of your house could use some sprucing before putting your home up for sale.

That said, carrying out some chores can help prevent long-term and even expensive damage. Here are five cleaning tasks that don't often make it onto spring cleaning lists.

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Prepare for Home Inspection - Sell a Home - JYB Realty

So you've listed your home, found a buyer, and accepted an offer. Congratulations! You're almost closing the sale, but you still have to make it through the home inspection before you start packing. The home inspection process can be nerve-racking for a seller. You don't want the deal to fall through, be stuck with the cost of major repairs, or lower the price to account for repairs. With that in mind, it's important to show your home in the best possible light and have the inspection go as smoothly as possible. Our real estate agents provide tips for how you can get ready for a home inspection.

  • Work With Your Real Estate Agent
    Depending on how many houses you've sold before, you may have little to no experience with home inspection preparations and negotiations. Now is the time to trust your agent to help you navigate the process. Your real estate agent can explain how the home inspection works, help you understand the types of home maintenance problems that are common in your area, develop a plan for repair requests, determine whether you're in a seller's or buyer's market, and help you with negotiations based on the findings.

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Re-Siding Tips for Homeowners - JYB Realty

Maybe you're concerned that the exterior of your home looks a little drab and worn down. Or, perhaps you want a different style for your home's siding. Rejuvenate your home by re-siding it.

Re-siding is an excellent way to prepare your home to put on the market before you call our real estate agents. When re-siding your home, here are a few things you should consider. 

  1. Whether Your Siding Actually Requires Replacement
    If you like the look of your home, but know your siding has quite a few holes and tears, it's important to determine if re-siding is your best option. While new siding will overhaul the entire look of your home, it's also a large investment.

    An alternative might be repairing or replacing the damaged portions of your home. Whether repairing is a viable solution depends on the age and condition of your siding and how many areas have damage.

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House Noise Solutions - JYB Realty

A house full of persistent little sounds can drive you crazy all day and keep you up at night. House noises are usually early indicators of potential problems that require attention. Our real estate agents have prepared a list of fixes for the most common house noises to help you restore peace and quiet to your home.

  • Whistling Window
    A window that whistles in a strong wind can make for a long day. The unwanted whistling can be caused by worn weather stripping, improperly installed windows, the simple passage of time, or changes in temperature. You can soundproof your window by caulking or weatherstripping around the frame to take care of any possible leak.

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Roof Replacement Tips - JYB Realty

A properly installed roof can reach the end of its useful life without experiencing leaks or other signs of failure. It may simply look old and worn out. However, storm damage can wreak havoc on an old roof and cause further problems down the road. So, you need to watch for warning signs that your roof needs replacement even if it looks fine at the moment. Fortunately, our real estate agents have searched far and wide to bring you this list of telltale signs that your roof needs to be replaced.

  • Your Roof is at Least 20 Years Old
    All roofing systems have a maximum lifespan. Asphalt shingles, for example, last 15-20 years, while tile roofing can last up to 100 years. Although many shingles today are made for durability, several factors can accelerate aging. For example, harsh storms can damage your roof, compromising its integrity. Poorly ventilated roofs can also negatively impact your shingles and cause them to fail sooner. So, an asphalt shingle roof that is 20 years old should be a signal for replacement regardless of its present condition.

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Home Maintenance Toolbox - Josey Young & Brady Realty

Whether you've owned your house for years, or you're just now about to buy one of the beautiful Atlanta homes for sale, all homeowners should be able to complete maintenance and repairs around their property. Our real estate agents know that even newer homes will require a little bit of handy work as the years pass. We believe that it's wise to have a handful of specific tools available to use when you need them most. Here are 15 tools that every homeowner needs in their home.

  1. Tape Measure
    A tape measure is one tool you should have the minute you move in. As you attempt to move in your existing furniture or purchase new pieces, you'll need to know the exact measurements of specific spaces. We recommend buying a sturdy tap measure for around the house and a smaller tape measure to keep in your car or purse for measuring items in store.

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Roofing Materials - Owning a Home - Josey Young & Brady Realty

For most homeowners, the roof is usually an afterthought—at least until you see a brown spot on your ceiling. Then you realize how critical that part of your home is. In addition to protecting your home from natural elements, the roof contributes greatly to the curb appeal and resale value of your house. So, when building a new home, a house addition or re-roofing, it is best to consider roofing options available and then determine what is suitable for your home. You should also look at the climate in your area as well as the architectural style of your home.

There are more types of roofing materials in the marketplace than ever before. Each has its advantages and shortcomings, so choosing one can be tough. Our real estate agents provide a list of the most common types of roofing materials along with their pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

  1. Asphalt Shingles
    These are the most common roofing materials, covering a great majority of houses in America. The standard-three-tab asphalt shingles often incorporate granulated zinc or copper to prevent the growth of algae. Asphalt shingles are machine-sawed and available in a wide range of different colors both solid and blended. They are highly durable and made to last around 25 years or more. Most asphalt roofing products are affordable and easy to install. However, this roofing material degrades over time due to exposure to the environment. They are also prone to impact damage than harder, thicker roofing.

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Home Updates for Sellers - JY&B Realty

It's a competitive market, and you want your home to stand out when prospective buyers knock on your door. The more dated the features and fixtures, the harder it will be to find someone who wants to schedule a date for closing. Before you add your home to the list of Atlanta homes for sale this year, the following are some updates that are well worth the investment.

  • Roof - Your roof is the capstone of your home. A damaged roof raises red flags in the eyes of prospective buyers. If boards are soft, shingles are missing, or structural damage makes the roof unsound, buyers will drive down the road to the next property on their list.

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Atlanta Neighborhoods with HOA-JYB Realty

One of the reasons that Atlanta is known as "The Hollywood of the South" arises from the many beautiful and well-manicured homes that are nestled within the landscape. More than a few of the Atlanta homes for sale in the city's finest neighborhoods feature exceptionally maintained lawns, lush parks, and everything from golf courses and swimming pools, to tennis courts and clubhouses.

As you might expect, a fair number of these homes and condos are overseen by homeowners associations (HOAs). There are pros and cons to HOAs, and you should be aware of these before you purchase your next home. 

The Pros of an HOA in Atlanta

Your HOA will set rules regarding landscaping in the community. These rules govern what kinds of trees, grasses, shrubbery, etc. you can plant. This helps establish a uniform atmosphere that is visually appealing. The HOA will maintain the common areas such as parks and easements, and in many cases, they will also maintain the landscaping on your property, which means you won't have to worry about mowing, trimming, or weeding ever again.

HOAs will also serve as a mediator when your neighbor puts their car up on blocks, plays the radio too loud, or has a dog that won't stop barking into the wee hours of the morning. All you have to do is file a complaint or a request for help, and they will help resolve the problem.

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Paint to Sell-Josey Young & Brady Realty

Spring has sprung, and our real estate agents are busy helping clients with Atlanta homes for sale prepare for the most active selling season of the year. One of their top tips is to use paint to get your home in buyer-ready condition. So grab your paintbrush, roller and drop cloth and read on to learn how you can make your home more appealing with a few coats of paint.

  • Give the Exterior of Your Home Some Love
    There's no denying that creating curb appeal is vital—first impressions are everything with it comes to selling your home. If the exterior of your home is falling flat, consider giving it a makeover with paint. Many potential buyers drive by before looking at a home. If they're faced with a messy exterior or peeling paint, they may not come back. Ask around and get a few estimates from professional painters—they have the skill and tools to do the job safely and make it stand out from the crowd. Its best to choose a neutral or earthy tone for the exterior of your home, but make sure to pick a different color for trim—the contrast will be more eye-catching than using a single color.

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Spring Home Maintenance-Josey Young & Brady Realty

Our real estate agents often get asked for advice about getting a home ready for sale. Completing maintenance projects is on the top of the list. Spring is the busiest home buying season, so Atlanta homes for sale need to be ready for all the action!

You'll want your home to make a good impression on potential buyers, so getting all those home maintenance tasks completed is a must. Better weather, pleasant temperatures, and extra money from tax refunds make spring the perfect time to complete those projects. And fixing small problems before they become bigger ones will help keep your home in top condition all year long.

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