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Staging Tips - Josey Young & Brady Realty

If you're preparing to put your home on the market soon, you probably want to accomplish two things: Sell your home as quickly as you can and get as much for it as possible. To do that, you need your home to look its best.

Over the years, our real estate agents have learned a lot about staging a home to sell. Staging allows you to present your home in the best light and makes it possible for prospective buyers to envision themselves living there. Here's how to do it right. 

  • Eliminate Clutter
    Getting rid of clutter is one of the most important steps to getting your home ready for the market. That means eliminating anything unnecessary, from old magazines and extra knick-knacks to unwanted clothes and furniture. And don't just pack everything into closets; you want those to be clutter-free when potential buyers look around. Donate, recycle and give away what you can, and consider having a yard sale to help purge unnecessary belongings.

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