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Date Archives: March 2021

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Pre-Approval Process - Buy a Home - JYB Realty

Our real estate agents know viewing Atlanta homes for sale is an exciting experience! When you visit a new home, you open up a world of possibilities for the future. As exciting as it all is, it's vital not to overlook any of the important steps in the homebuying process. If you approach buying in a methodical way, you'll be more prepared – and more likely to get the home you want.

The most crucial thing many buyers forget about is pre-approval. In fact, you should take care of it before you even look at homes for sale.

What is Pre-Approval and Why Does It Matter?

Pre-approval is an essential step in getting a mortgage loan.

During pre-approval, a lender examines your finances in detail and determines exactly how much money you can qualify for in your loan package. The loan isn't finalized until you select a home, but you receive a letter from your lender showing that they are willing to extend a financing package to you.

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Unique Museums Around Atlanta - JYB Realty

Atlanta is an amazing place to live if you love exploring museums, with exhibits that both kids and adults will love. While there are many conventional museums of art, history, and more, some of the area's best museums deal with subject matter that's off the beaten path. If you've ever wanted to learn more about the history of puppetry, visit a state-of-the-art 3D theater, or experience a museum entirely devoted to taking selfies, you've come to the right city. Our real estate agents have the exciting details on some of the most unique, unusual, and exciting museums around Atlanta.

  • Fernbank Museum of Natural History – 767 Clifton Rd., Atlanta, GA 30307
    Long a favorite for families to visit near Atlanta homes for sale, the Fernbank Museum of Natural History features some unique attractions that you won't find at other natural history museums. Start with the amazing 3D theater, where you can watch shows that bring natural history to life. There's also a spectacular, 75-acre outdoor section of the museum, which features a rain garden, forest, and nature art gallery.

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Decluttering Like the Pros - Sellers - JYB Realty

Estimates indicate that a whopping 80 percent of items in a household sit unused. Our real estate agents find that a home with less clutter appears larger and more appealing to potential better.

If you're ready to tame your home's clutter, make sure to determine how you want to declutter. Many homeowners forgo decluttering simply because it feels too overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you find your decluttering preferences. 

Decluttering Methods That Suits Your Goals

There are a slew of decluttering methods that will help you decide what things to keep. The best alternative will depend on your goals for decluttering and what you're hoping to accomplish.

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World Book Day Around Atlanta - JYB Realty

World Book Day is coming up soon! Whether you're an avid bookworm or you prefer to skim the occasional paperback, it's a great time to celebrate by buying, borrowing, or donating a book or two. 

While you're driving around checking out Atlanta homes for sale, we recommend stopping by one or more of these popular locations. 

  • Tall Tales Book Shop: 2105 Lavista Rd., Atlanta, GA 30329
    A full-service independent bookstore, the Tall Takes Book Shop has been a favorite among Atlanta residents since 1979. Not only do they carry a large selection of books for sale, but they'll also special-order books, do out-of-print searches, and are happy to gift wrap your purchases. They currently offer curbside pickup, shipping, and delivery. If you're interested in browsing books, you can give them a call and schedule an appointment.

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