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Date Archives: September 2018

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Atlanta Chattahoochee River Kayaking
Starting as a mere trickle in the Appalachian Mountains of North Georgia, the Chattahoochee River descends nearly 2,400 feet in its first hundred miles alone, becoming a might torrent by the time it empties into Lake Seminole, 434 miles from its headwaters. It meanders right through the Atlanta city limits along the way, offering what our real estate agents consider to be some of the best paddling water in the state. 

Chattahoochee River Paddling

The Chattahoochee River is, almost without exception, a very easy river to navigate by canoe or kayak. It rolls along gently between its banks, with an average water speed of around 3 miles per hour, through fields, forests, and farmlands. Only in spring, when runoff from the mountains causes the river to swell, does paddling become more of a challenge. But throughout summer and fall, the Chattahoochee is one of the most reliably calm paddling waters in the Southeast.  

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Atlanta Botanical Garden
If you're ready to learn more about Atlanta homes for sale, you'll find the homes and the city a perfect fit for your lifestyle. Metro Atlanta is a lively metropolis, and it just keeps getting better. The houses are beautiful, and the businesses here are thriving. When it's time for a break,  you'll find plenty of ways to fill your leisure time.

Whether you visit our city in the midst of summer or as the seasons begin to change, our real estate agents recommend that you make time in your schedule for the Atlanta Botanical Garden. 

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Atlanta Attractions: Georgia Aquarium
When you're a home shopper, the neighborhood in which you're searching is equally as important as the house itself.  The home's accessibility to shopping, schools, dining, and area attractions play a leading role in your final home buying decision.   

When move to Atlanta, our real estate agents will be ready to introduce you to our city by showing you some of the best Atlanta homes for sale and attractions available.

Let's get started at the Georgia Aquarium.

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Atlanta GA Fox Theatre
There's no doubt you know Atlanta is an exciting and diverse place to live.  It has a wide variety of entertainment venues from contemporary to historical; consequently, you'll never be at a loss for things to do.  Our real estate agents live and work in the Atlanta and are sure you won't be disappointed with the Fox Theatre, one of Atlanta's most iconic locations.

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