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Re-Siding Tips for Homeowners - JYB Realty

Maybe you're concerned that the exterior of your home looks a little drab and worn down. Or, perhaps you want a different style for your home's siding. Rejuvenate your home by re-siding it.

Re-siding is an excellent way to prepare your home to put on the market before you call our real estate agents. When re-siding your home, here are a few things you should consider. 

  1. Whether Your Siding Actually Requires Replacement
    If you like the look of your home, but know your siding has quite a few holes and tears, it's important to determine if re-siding is your best option. While new siding will overhaul the entire look of your home, it's also a large investment.

    An alternative might be repairing or replacing the damaged portions of your home. Whether repairing is a viable solution depends on the age and condition of your siding and how many areas have damage.

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Grow a Garden - Homeownership - JYB Realty

Gardening is a fun, rewarding, and beneficial way to pass the time. Many of the Atlanta homes for sale have lots of yard space to explore your gardening adventure. Whether you are gardening for the first-time or a seasoned grower, a garden provides numerous benefits. Daily exercise, fresh air, stress reliever, and a better night's sleep are the top reasons to start a garden. Plus, the fresh vegetables are always a welcomed addition to your dinner plate.

Gardening season is the perfect time to discover your inner green thumb. Check out the following tips to get the most out of your garden experience this year.

  • Know What You Want: Do you want to plant vegetables, herbs, or flowers? Or do you want to try a combination of all three? Knowing what you want to plant is an essential part of growing a garden. Start by making a list of the types of plants you want to grow.

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Exterior Home Improvements-JYB Realty

It's every seller's dream for buyers to come see their home and instantly fall in love. But how do you know what buyers are really looking for? Our real estate agents have lots of experience with Atlanta homes for sale and there are just some things that buyers want to see again and again. If you're lucky enough to have these features already in your home, make sure buyers know about them. If you're looking to make some improvements before you sell, these exterior features are sure to get a buyer's attention.

  1. Exterior lighting. Exterior lights serve two purposes, so if you don't have any, adding some offers a lot of value for your home improvement dollar. Aesthetics and safety are top considerations for homeowners, and exterior lighting provides both. Lights can be part of the security system with motion sensors, they can highlight areas of the property, or provide illumination by entrances or along pathways or stairs for extra safety.

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