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Date Archives: August 2021

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Bathroom Decluttering Guide - Homeowners - JYB Realty

A cluttered bathroom can make your house look messy and waste time in your morning or evening routines. If you're planning to add your house among Atlanta homes for sale, a decluttered bathroom is a good place when getting your home ready to sell.

  • Collect everything that you need to store in the bathroom. Seeing what you have will give you an idea of how to organize it, and you can see if you'll need any additional storage.

  • Get rid of old, expired items and items you don't need. Most makeup will keep for about a year after it's opened; eye products are usually more like 3-6 months. If you notice separating, changes in texture, bad smells, or it's suddenly irritating your skin, it's time to pitch it. Expired medications can be disposed of at community collection events, but if you're not going that route, be aware of any local regulations regarding which medications can be flushed or disposed of in the trash. Unopened, unexpired items like soaps or shampoos you just don't need may be able to be donated.

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Family Fun Destinations - Atlanta - JYB Realty

August is National Family Fun Month! Just the perfect time to have some carefree playtime with the kids before you get devoured by the chaotic routines of school. And what better place to enjoy some family-fun activities than in Atlanta? From top museums to amusement parks, the capital of Georgia offers a lot to love for natives and visitors alike. Our real estate agents have rounded up the top fun attractions to get you started.

  • Georgia Aquarium - 225 Baker St. NW, Atlanta, GA 30313
    As the country's largest aquarium, Georgia Aquarium has plenty to see and do. Be amazed at the graceful motions of fascinating oceanic giants such as manta rays, whale sharks, and beluga whales, or be amused by the antics of big-bellied seahorses and sea otters. Don't forget to visit the new shark gallery and experience unique encounters with Predators of the Deep.

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Relocating to Atlanta - Buy a Home - JYB Realty

A new job. A desire to be closer to family. A change of scenery. There are many reasons why you might be looking to relocate to Atlanta. A cross-country move can be exciting, but it also adds a few more layers to the relocation process. The following tips by our real estate agents will help you avoid the pitfalls of buying a house out of state and ensure the deal goes smoothly.

  • Do Your Research
    Whether you're moving 30 miles or 3,000 miles away in a different state, you should do loads of research before making the big purchase. You need to prioritize what's most important to you in order to narrow down your choices. Do you want the shortest commute to work, picturesque scenery, or a high-ranking school district? Fire up Google and discover important details about a community's economic stability, employment potential, local crime rate, weather, schools, amenities, and more.

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Buford Highway Restaurants - Atlanta, GA - JYB Realty

The Buford Highway stretches from Brookhaven to Duluth, passing through Atlanta. Over the years, this busy highway has become known for its restaurants and markets, many of which feature global flavors and cuisines. You can sample Vietnamese cuisine in one spot and Mexican food just down the road. Here are some specific Buford Highway restaurants to try while you're looking for Atlanta homes for sale.

  • Bismillah Cafe: 4022 Buford Highway NE, Atlanta, GA 30345
    There aren't that many Bangladeshi restaurants in the United States, and Bismillah Cafe is one of them. They use fresh, local ingredients when possible and create modern versions of classic Bangladeshi dishes. There are some Indian and American options on the menu, too.

    If you're in the mood for something traditional, try the ruhu fish curry. The malay lamb curry is also a great choice, as is the vegetable biriyani.

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