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Date Archives: October 2018

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Buying a Home Schools
Most of us have heard the saying, "The three most important things when buying a house is location, location, location."  However, nowadays, finding a home in a well-respected system district ranks highly in the home buying decision.  Results from a® survey reports people who closed on a home this year found 73% said buying in a good school district was "important" in their search.

Our REALTORS® are ready to help as you search for Atlanta homes for sale, determining which school district and neighborhood might be the right fit for your family.

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Atlanta - Little Five Points Halloween
If you're interested in Atlanta homes for sale, either as a prospective buyer or as a potential home seller, then you likely know that Atlanta stands as one of the most populous places in the United States. The city has certainly grown since its foundation as a transportation hub, now boasting the single busiest airport in the world, and able to call itself the ninth most populated metropolitan area in the nation.

If you're buying or selling in the Atlanta area, then it pays to know what's what (and where' where!) in the city. There's a lot to do in Atlanta, and it can be a little overwhelming if you're not sure where to start. Thankfully, our real estate agents are always on the lookout for up-and-coming neighborhoods, businesses, and events in the Atlanta area. Today we're here to fill you in on one of the biggest Halloween events in the area: one that takes place every year right in Atlanta's own Little Five Points neighborhood.

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Buying a Home Atlanta Commute Time
If you're considering buying a home, you're contemplating many factors:  the style of the home, the location, and the local schools. However, have you thought about how long your commute to work will be from the new house?  Real estate experts say homebuyers should consider many factors when considering a lengthy commute and searching for Atlanta homes for sale.

  • Commuting Costs - According to the Census Bureau, the average homeowner spends around 25 minutes commuting, though those living in NYC, Boston, and Atlanta may spend longer in traffic.  If you're set on moving to a nicer neighborhood, take the time to calculate the costs of a lengthy commute. Extra gas and vehicle maintenance can take a toll on your budget, costing more than $2,000 a year.
  • Commuting Causes Stress - Long commutes can cause stress since you spend so much time on the road and not doing the things you enjoy. You don't have as much time to spend with your partner or children, which may cause marital strife.  If you don't have enough time to de-stress, you could soon gain weight or develop headaches.
  • Contemplate Your Job Flexibility - Whether you live in the city versus the suburbs may depend on your job flexibility. If you or your partner work a traditional 9-5 job, then accessibility and an easy commute are essential. However, if you have a flexible schedule or telecommute part-time, you could avoid rush hour and have a little more leeway.
  • Consider Your Lifestyle - Millennials often prefer being right in the city because they want access to everything. Many families have deemed a short commute the second most important factor after a quality school district.
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Atlanta Hip Hop Day
Looking for a fun, free event, close to home in Atlanta? Atlanta Hip Hop Day, a free festival held every year around this time, is about to celebrate its eighth year as one of Atlanta's favorite free, local events. The festival provides an opportunity to learn more about Atlanta's many contributions to hip-hop history, enjoy a stacked schedule of live shows all weekend, and sample some of the best food that the city has to offer. Our real estate agents have all the details on where, when, and what to expect from Atlanta Hip Hop Day 2018.

Atlanta Hip Hop Day: A Free Celebration of Music, Culture, and Hip Hop History

Atlanta Hip Hop Day
Location: Woodruff Park – 91 Peachtree St. NW, Atlanta, GA 30303
Dates/Times: October 6 - 7, 2018 – 11 am to 7 pm
Admission: Free Admission – No Tickets Required

Learn More about the Mission of Atlanta Hip Hop Day

Atlanta Hip Hop Day got its start eight years ago and has grown so large since that time that events are now spread over two days. This year's festival takes place at Woodruff Park, with each side of the park themed around a different part of hip-hop culture. The park sections include "B-Boy & B-Girl exhibits, Emcee Battles, Turntablism and Graffiti artists." As always, Atlanta Hip Hop Day is a free event, with a focus on live music and Atlanta's contributions to hip-hop history and culture.

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