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Seller's Cleaning Guide - JYB Realty

Congratulations, you've found the ideal buyers, the ink has dried on the paperwork, and our real estate agents are helping you finalize the process. Essentially, it's a clean break! All you have to do is hand over the house keys to the new owners, walk away, and celebrate, right?

Well, not just yet! While it's tempting to skip out on the last few cleaning chores, not observing seller's etiquette could actually compromise the sale of your home.

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Listing Photos - Sell a Home - JYB Realty

Times have changed. From birthday presents to a new pair of shoes, shoppers seek the items they desire online, avoiding brick-and-mortar stores. The same holds true of home sales, shifting the focus from driving through the neighborhood to looking at houses online. Our real estate agents will assure you that if you want to sell your home quickly and easily, you'll invest in a series of listing photographs that will show your house to its greatest advantage. Here are a few things to keep in mind before your house is photographed.

  • Make it sparkle!
    The camera lens is far more critical than the human eye, allowing viewers to enlarge a photo with the swipe of a finger. And you can be assured that they will do exactly that. Every streak on the baseboards will stand out. Smart sellers won't just clean the house the best they can. They will hire a service to deep clean all of the places they didn't think about. Make sure all windows are cleaned and drapes pulled open to show off both the view and the natural light.

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Decluttering Like the Pros - Sellers - JYB Realty

Estimates indicate that a whopping 80 percent of items in a household sit unused. Our real estate agents find that a home with less clutter appears larger and more appealing to potential better.

If you're ready to tame your home's clutter, make sure to determine how you want to declutter. Many homeowners forgo decluttering simply because it feels too overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you find your decluttering preferences. 

Decluttering Methods That Suits Your Goals

There are a slew of decluttering methods that will help you decide what things to keep. The best alternative will depend on your goals for decluttering and what you're hoping to accomplish.

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Carpet or Hardwood - Sell a Home - JYB Realty

Which is better, carpet or hardwood? This is a common question many homeowners have when trying to find the best flooring choice for their homes. The "right" decision for you will depend on your situation, budget, and taste. If you're planning to put your home on the market, you'll also need to consider the preferences and traditions in your neighborhood. Our real estate agents take a look at the difference between carpet floors and hardwood floors.

  • Care and Cleaning
    Of the two materials, hardwood flooring is easier to clean and maintain. The floor can be swept, vacuumed, or damp mopped to remove loose dirt, dust, surface stains, and other debris. Also, it's easier to spot dust and dirt on a hardwood floor.

    Keeping the carpet clean typically involves simple but frequent vacuuming. However, some people feel that keeping the carpet fully clean is a little tougher because stains soak in and settle permanently. Also, dust, pollen, micro-bacteria, and other allergens are easily trapped in the fibers. Carpet is a hard choice in high traffic areas and for people with pets or those who suffer from allergies.

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Prepare for Home Inspection - Sell a Home - JYB Realty

So you've listed your home, found a buyer, and accepted an offer. Congratulations! You're almost closing the sale, but you still have to make it through the home inspection before you start packing. The home inspection process can be nerve-racking for a seller. You don't want the deal to fall through, be stuck with the cost of major repairs, or lower the price to account for repairs. With that in mind, it's important to show your home in the best possible light and have the inspection go as smoothly as possible. Our real estate agents provide tips for how you can get ready for a home inspection.

  • Work With Your Real Estate Agent
    Depending on how many houses you've sold before, you may have little to no experience with home inspection preparations and negotiations. Now is the time to trust your agent to help you navigate the process. Your real estate agent can explain how the home inspection works, help you understand the types of home maintenance problems that are common in your area, develop a plan for repair requests, determine whether you're in a seller's or buyer's market, and help you with negotiations based on the findings.

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Wall Improvements - Sell a Home - JYB Realty

Our real estate agents know that sellers are always looking for ways to impress buyers and make them notice all their home has to offer. Getting ready to sell always means completing a few projects around the house. When you're redoing a room, deciding on a look for the walls is a must. The walls are usually the largest surface and most noticeable part of a room. So it's a good opportunity to really catch a buyer's attention.

  1. Repair and patch. This is a big must when you're selling and it's the first step in any wall-related project.  Life happens, and your walls may have dents, cracks, gouges, or nail holes to prove it. They may seem small, but buyers will notice, and repairing them will make a dramatic difference.  For nail holes and other small blemishes, spackle and a putty knife will do the trick. For large holes mesh patches or a piece of drywall and some joint compound will be necessary. Sand afterward to blend the repairs into the rest of the wall.

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Landscaping Trends - JYB Realty

Our real estate agents are on top of the hottest landscaping trends for the Empire City of the South in 2020. Word is some of the most popular trends are tracking from previous years—they're just too good to let go. But we're also watching some newer outdoor styles, making their way from coast to coast and evolving to fit Atlanta's unique Southern landscaping scene. 

Still Trending in 2020

  1. Indoor Living Moves Outdoors. This concept has been around for a while, but it's still going strong. In Atlanta, it's come to mean finding new ways to enjoy the outdoors longer—through the chill of winter and the hottest days of summer.

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Online Listings - JYB Realty

Our real estate agents understand that your real estate plans can change in an instant. Whether you've been planning on selling your home for months or have recently encountered a situation that requires you to list it as soon as possible, the current world events have certainly disrupted our collective sense of normalcy. However, as long as the world keeps spinning, we must try to move forward with our plans as safely and intelligently as possible — including continuing to help buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals.

Now more than ever, online listings are vital resources that will impact a seller's success. Although most sellers are aware that the quality of a virtual listing has a significant impact on the buyer's perception of a home, they may not realize just how important their online presence is in our ever-changing world. When it comes to listing Atlanta homes for sale, every seller needs to understand that first-impressions matter more than they may know.

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Color of the Year - Sell a Home - JYB Realty

It's a new year — a time to embrace change, leap into new experiences, and say yes to amazing opportunities. Whether you're hoping to upgrade your space to one of our new Atlanta homes for sale or if you're planning on relocating to the city of your dreams, our real estate agents encourage you to help sell your home with Pantone's Color of the Year — Classic Blue!

2020 Pantone Color of the Year: Classic Blue

What defines a classic? It's a hallmark of a yesterday that we don't want to let go. It's a memory, a feeling that we love to immerse ourselves in. If there's one color that will let us swim in such serenity, it's Pantone's Color of the Year — Classic Blue. This rich, stable color instills a sense of calm as we venture into a new decade. The peace and tranquility it lends our spirit allows us to focus our minds and prepare to take on the year with resilience.

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Closet Organization for Sellers - JYB Realty

As you prepare your home to put it on the market, it's easy to focus on the more obvious rooms and neglect your closets. In fact, as you clean other rooms, you may have ended up storing some additional items in your closets. Overstuffed, dark, and disorganized closets are a turn-off to prospective buyers. They want to see stylish, roomy areas in Atlanta homes for sale so they'll enough space to store what they need and not dread going into their closets.

Our real estate agents suggest the following ways to make your closets appeal to prospective buyers:

  • Give your closets a thorough cleaning
    Make sure to clean your closets when you're getting your home ready to sell. Empty each closet and clean it with a damp rag and extendable duster from top to bottom. Clean the floor with a vacuum if it's carpeted and with a dust mop or Swiffer Wet Jet if it has hardwood floors. After you clean, leave the doors open and let your closet dry out before replacing any items.

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