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Email Post to a Friend: Why Buying May Be Better Than Building

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Advantages of Buying Instead of Building - JYB Realty

In looking for Atlanta homes for sale, some people forego the buying process and build their new house themselves from the ground up. The idea certainly has its appeal. No long searches, no bidding wars, and you can get a brand new home tailored to your exact specifications. However, while good in theory, building a house may not be the best option in practice. Here are a few reasons why buying is better.

  • Cost. On average, building a new home costs $34,000 more than buying one. The cost is much less straightforward, too, and always ends up being significantly more than you'd originally anticipated. You never know when, several months into the process, an unexpected obstacle arises, requiring extra money to circumvent. On the other hand, the cost of buying a house can be negotiated. You can always walk away if it's more than you're comfortable paying. In building, walking away often means giving up the money you've already invested in the project as a loss.

  • Contractors. Not only does everything cost more than you think it will, but when you're dealing with contractors, it takes longer, too. If you're planning around a specific move-in date, there's a good chance your new house won't be ready by then. Contractors can cause other hassles as well when it comes to communicating what you want. Minor misunderstandings can cause discrepancies between what you ask for and what they deliver.

  • Location. An empty lot big enough to put a house on is likely to be a fair bit removed from any major urban areas. If you want convenient access to grocery stores, schools, restaurants, entertainment, etc., you're better off buying a house in your desired location.

  • Landscaping. You can landscape your new home any way you want, but flowers, bushes, trees, grass, etc., all take time to grow—sometimes years. In the meantime, your yard will look sparse while you wait for everything to come in. When you buy an existing house, you can customize the landscaping any way you want, but in the meantime, you'll have shade from trees, privacy from bushes, etc.

  • Permits. What kind of permits do you need to build a house in your chosen location? How do you apply for them, and how much will they cost? You'll need one for plumbing, one for electrical, one for mechanical (e.g., your furnace and A/C), one for excavating the soil, and a host of others. If you want to add a deck or a swimming pool, that's more paperwork. Not to mention a zoning permit for the project as a whole. There's plenty of paperwork involved in buying a house too, but generally, it's not as technical, overwhelming, or costly as obtaining building permits.

When people build their house instead of buying, they usually want to customize it to their exact specifications. They don't realize that they can do that with an existing house, too. It's much easier and cheaper to buy a house and renovate it to make it the way you want it. Plus, you can do it at your own pace. Move in immediately and make small renovations over time. That way, you can spread out the cost and the hassle and ensure that in the meantime, you have a place to live.

The house that meets your family's needs is already out there, and our real estate agents can help you find it. Contact us, and we'll get you started searching for your dream home.

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