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Date Archives: May 16th, 2022

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Music Room - Homeowners - JYB Realty

Whether the musicians in your home are practicing scales for the first time or rehearsing for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, their basic needs in a music room are the same. Our real estate agents have some tips to share to help convert a spare room in your home into the perfect space for them and the people who wish to hear them. 

  • Soundproofing
    If air can pass around doors and windows, so can sound. Cut down the leaks with weather stripping, door sweeps, and soundproofing duct liner around heating and cooling ducts. Like light, sound reflects off of hard surfaces, reverberating repeatedly. Carpeting, rugs, and wall hangings go a long way to dull unwanted echoes and resonance. If the room does double duty, shelves of books and spare beds also absorb sound, as do heavy drapes. While you want the sound to be partially absorbed, you still need to leave some hard surfaces to maintain the natural frequency of the music. Hard floors with luxurious rugs combine the best of both.

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