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Home Inspector Questions - Buy a Home - JYB Realty

Our real estate agents want to help you achieve true peace of mind. We're always there for you throughout the process of finding the right Atlanta homes for sale, making a bid, and getting to closing day.

Your real estate agent is your ally from start to finish but doesn't do it all alone. Depending on your situation, there may be other experts on your team. One of the most important ones virtually every buyer needs is a trusted home inspector.

What Is a Home Inspection All About?

Under Georgia and federal law, a seller must disclose certain property information to would-be buyers. But there may be some important details the seller simply doesn't know about. With the help of a home inspector, you can get the insights you need to make a confident decision.

A home inspector visually inspects every accessible area of the property. That will include all rooms, the attic, and the basement if present. Most inspectors also examine the roof, and they do try to make determinations about the sewer or septic system and the electrical wiring.

Why Do You Need a Home Inspection in Atlanta?

As the prospective buyer, it's usually up to you to pay 100% of the home inspection cost, anywhere from $200 to $800. Moreover, these costs often can't be added to your financing package. But it's vital to get an inspection done, as it can save you many times this amount in the long run.

The key purpose of the inspection is to uncover any issues that might result in major repair bills in the short term. If a problem is urgent enough, the buyer can request that the seller make it right. When no agreement can be reached, it's often best to move on to another home.

What's more, most conventional lenders require a recent home inspection on file.

Here's what to ask to choose a good home inspector:

  • "How long have you been in this business?"
    When it comes to home inspectors, the more experienced, the better. Home inspection should be the person's main line of work, not a sideline from contracting or roofing. Membership in reputable industry associations is a positive sign.
  • "When can you have it done?"
    The home inspection is generally the buyer's responsibility, and you may be on a tight timeline to get it done. Fast turnaround is not necessarily a red flag – some home inspectors pride themselves on this, but you may pay more for speed.
  • "How much will it cost?"
    The home inspection is an "out-of-pocket" cost you should be ready for in advance. The seller very rarely agrees to cover it, and it seldom gets reimbursed when the loan package is issued. So, get payment terms upfront and be ready to settle your bill the day of the inspection.
  • "Can I be there?"
    Inspectors may prefer that the seller isn't present, but most have no objection to the buyer. Inspections are limited to what the inspector can see, so no hazardous work is ever done during an inspection. Being there can give you a leg up, as you'll know the high points before the report is finished.
  • "Can I see a sample report?"
    A home inspection report can be comprehensive; some are 100 pages or more. As a rule, a report is more useful to you as a buyer if it includes plenty of photographic support for its observations. That's true both in negotiations and in future repair work.

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